Activation Information

The CEAS program can be used at varying levels by government for the purpose of adding additional control over the amount of credential holders traveling or accessing a particular area. Evoking the program at certain levels can achieve this. The activation level is directly related to the Credential being held by the user.  Since CEAS program activations are infrequent events, the information on these pages is provided help reorient you with essential information and best practices when using the program.

Jurisdictional program access levels may vary slightly, please check your jurisdiction’s Program Page for more information about Activation Level’s where your company participates.

Understanding Activation Levels

Learn more about CEAS Activation Levels and what they mean to your company and cardholders.

For Coordinator

Helpful hints for program coordinators to prepare your company and cardholders for a CEAS activation.

For Cardholders

Helpful hints for CEAS cardholders containing information you should know when using your CEAS card to travel or access a restricted area.