Prepare Your Business for Emergencies and Disasters

BNET provides an Essential Employee Credentialing Program (CEAS) to help businesses during and following disasters.

CEAS Essential Employee Credentials Are Now Available In Virtual And Physical Formats:

  • Standard Credential
  • Virtual Credential
  • Vehicle Windshield Placard

Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government

BNET partners with governments, public agencies and private sector organizations to improve community resiliency through the sustainability of businesses following a disaster.

The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) authorizes essential employees to access restricted areas following an emergency. CEAS-credentialed employees can work to shut down or sustain core business functions until normal entry is restored.

Our partners represent some of the most progressive disaster preparedness organizations in the nation.

BNET is a 501-C nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve community resiliency through the sustainability of businesses following a disaster. To this end, BNET partners with governments, public agencies, and private sector organizations to aid in disaster response and recovery.

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Does your business emergency management plan include CEAS Essential Employee Credentialing?

How the CEAS Credentialing Program Works 

CEAS is an all-hazards program that enhances your business’s resiliency during any unforeseen emergency affecting travel or access to your facilities. Participation is affordable, and the potential rewards can help your business survive the next unexpected event.

The CEAS credential certifies the essential nature of the holder for access to restricted areas during a crisis.

This credential helps law enforcement manage the difficult task of deciding who can travel, access, and operate their business in a specific locale.

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CEAS Virtual Credentials Helps Businesses and Communities During and Following Disasters

BNET’s essential employee credentialing program helps communities and businesses overcome obstacles to recovery and ensures the delivery of vital goods and services to impacted communities.

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Adopting the CEAS Program for Your Community 

Governments interested in sponsoring a CEAS Program in their community should contact the Customer Support Center at (888) 353-2638 to schedule an introduction to the CEAS program.

Established CEAS Partner Locations
Established CEAS Partner Locations

Contact BNET

Ask about the CEAS program and how your state or municipality can partner with BNET.

Help your business stay open during a crisis. Get CEAS Essential Employee IDs.

When disaster happens, the CEAS Essential Employee ID helps your employees get to work.