CEAS Not Activated for Manhattan Bombing Due to Ongoing Crime Scene Restrictions (updated)

BNET and NYCEM have been in contact regarding yesterday’s explosion in Manhattan. The use of CEAS is under consideration but is NOT activated at this time due to an active crime scene investigation. The following are updated vehicular and pedestrian restrictions:

Northbound traffic on 6th Avenue has reopened at 14th Street

Southbound traffic on 7th Avenue has reopened at 34th Street

All crosstown traffic (eastbound and westbound) has reopened from West 14th Street to West 23rd Street between 5th Avenue and 8th Avenue

West 23rd Street remains closed between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue

Residents of West 23rd St between 5th and 7th Ave need police escorts to access their apartments at this time. 131 West 23rd Street cannot yet be accessed at this time as there is too much evidence to permit pedestrians. Residents are being asked to bring photo ID with proof of residence when entering and exiting the affected area.

SBS is continuing to reach out to businesses in the impacted area to determine what support may be needed.